Sven Hettwer Software Engineer

My Expertise

I'm a nerd, software engineer, clean code enthusiast, sportsman, motorcycle rider, passionated cook and lover of challenges. I wrote my first program under the guidance of a book called "Delphi für Kids" when I was 13 years old. From that time on I was addicted to technology.

After an educational training, I studied information technology at the Hochschule Bochum and started as a professional in 2015. Beside the hard tech skills, I embrace team spirit, software quality, test automation, well performing CI/CD Pipelines and clean code.


I started as a Java developer for backend systems and third party integration. After some time, I fell in love with the javascript ecosystem and this love grows more and more.


Since we live in a DevOps world, a few Ops skills cannot hurt either. I mostly ship my applications as containers on docker, OpenShift and Kubnernetes while sometimes leveraging AWS components.